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Textile Experimentation Workshop Ariane Mariane

It was blast! Four funky fiber ladies had a lot of fun doing the “Mixed Media Textile art workshop” and I’m very proud of their marvelous work! 

In this “Mixed Media class” all students  were artistes. They had met in my art vest classe  two of years earlier. As it was huge fun and the connection was strong, they had decided to come back as a groupe. This time they have experimented with several textile art techniques:

  • painting & dyeing,
  • stencil making & printing,
  • transfert on silk,
  • free motion stitching and appliqué techniques.

As experimented felters they had brought white felt pieces so that we could start directly playing with colors and compositions on felt and fabrics.

Next Workshop
“Textile Experimentation”
MON 27th to 29th of August 2018

Technique & creativity

In the mixed media workshop I focus my teaching more than ever on the personal creativity of each student and the program is made in function of the participants and their wishes. This time we started with mark making and explored different dyeing, painting and printing techniques on fabrics and felt.

My suggestion for the first day in a mixed media class:  “Let’s have fun. Play and don’t block yourself by focusing on an idea or project. Be open for discovery and observe. Art most often just happens.”

This advise worked perfectly and the second day all women had a bunch of colorful pieces to work with. Each could decides weather to create a painting, a bag, a cowl, a belt or brooches.

I showed how to free motion embroider with an ordinary sewing machine and then  and than each lady got busy joining fabrics and felt with free motion stitching. Little by little the imagined design took shape.

Amazed about the results

Ideas ran wild and time short. The third day everybody was working like crazy to finish up at least one piece for the ultimate photo shoot.

I am totally thrilled by the fantastic results :

  •  A lovely silk and felt art bag and a stunning poppy hair clip by Deborah Irvine – textile artiste from Cornwall / England :
  • An awesome belt and a painterly surface design that may get transformed into an art bag one day by Heather Bryson – jewelry artist from Philadelphia / USA :
  • An amazing seahorse bag by Julie Herberger Dittrich – accomplished felt and fiber artiste living and working in Fellbach / Germany: 
  •  A gorgeous  art cowl and a printed silk scarf by an Italian fellow :Piera Musmano

Thank you ladies for 3 days of high creativity and fun – you did such an amazing job! Keep on creating & hopefully I’ll see you soon again!

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