Retrospective Maria Friese & Ariane Mariane

On March 16th – 2016, the Cultural Center “Anatole France” in Clermont-Ferrand opened  a retrospective show  with felted fiber art from Maria Friese and Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris.

This exhibition was immense honor, a huge encouragement to continue our artistic quest!

Maira and I are very good friends for a long time and so we were delighted  to exhibit together in this exceptional place. I’s impressive to see our work arranged in a magnificent 200m² room. WOW!

My warmest  thanks go to the Cultural Center who trusted and welcomed us. They did a fantastic job to highlight our creations and we are enchanted to see a lot of interested and interesting people coming to the show straight form the start.

Maria and I were invited to the opening, with encouraging words from the  City Mayor. It was just amaing to see the crowd of people who honored us with their visit.  Hughes thanks for those who sometimes came from very far to support us!

The exhibition is open until April 8th, 2016. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday 2p.m to 7p.m. You may also ask for a special appointment.

154, rue Anatole France
63000 Clermont-Ferrand.

For those who can not come to the show and as a souvenir  for our visitors, here  some pictures.

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