Wearable Art Woman Vests

Art vests by Ariane Mariane – art textile / Paris are paintings to wear. Reversible and convertible into bolero vests they are created to spread art & fun in everyday life.

Ariane Mariane – art textile / Paris creates pictorial art vests like paintings. The artiste emploies smoothest merino wool and high quality fabrics to create fiber paintings in a very personal collage style, mixing graphic design with textile art.

These fiber paintings are fused entirely by hand by using ancestrale and moderne wet felting techniques. It’s a natural process using only water and mouvement. Wool fibers get connected  and form a fabric called felt. Wool fibers also love to connect with fabrics especial natural fabrics like silk. This particularité is used in nuno felt techniques. By merging wool and fabrics together awesome textured appear.

No sewing is used for Arinae Mariane’s art vests. This allow to create two independant surface designs. Each side of our art vest are worked out with love and care, often with very different colors and designs.

Ariane Mariane’s art vests are reversible, offering two very different styles in one garment. And that’s not all – our art vests can be transformed into beautiful bolero art vest. Just turn them up side down and drape the huge collar the way you like it most.
Art vests come with a assorted brooch. This allows to adjust them to several sizes and to drape them in many fashionable ways.

Let you imagination go wild and have fun with pictural art to wear!

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