Wearable art dresses

Unique pieces of textile art, the designer dresses
Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris are spectacular clothes. Between sculpture and painting, these are original pieces of art to wear created for exceptional events.

Designer dresses : sculpture paintings

Ariane Mariane dresses – art textiles / Paris are one-piece creations mixing pictorial elements and sculptural forms. The material is made from merino wool and silk fibers.

Amalgamated by hand by felting with hot water, the artist composes each surface like a painting. Once manually transformed into felted wool, Ariane Mariane plays with deconstructed forms which can be manipulated for sculptural effects.

Like all designer clothes and accessories, the dresses are reversible and offer two very different designs. So these are designer clothes 2 in 1.

A highly artistic work, each creation is an example of contemporary textile art and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Very long-term work, Ariane Mariane creates dresses especially for special events. Her dresses feature in dance performances, dress counters and artists as well as brides who are looking for a unique dress, out of the ordinary.

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