Scarves & Snoods

Scarves and snoods by Ariane Mariane – art textile/Paris add an artistique touch to your outfit.
Pictorial wearable art works completely outstanding and one of a kind.

Take away art around your neck

Ariane Mariane’s scarves & snoods are unique exemples of pictorial wearable art accessories. Entirely made by hand from smoothest merino wool fibers in ancestrale felting and innovante mixtes media techniques.

Each accessory is worked like a fiber painting. Reversible both sides are worked out with love and care and most often with two very différentes surfaces designs.

Different color combinations and patterns make Ariane Mariane’s scarves & snoods awesome 2 in 1 items that for twice as much fub. These fiber art neck-pieces can be adapted in function of your outfit and humor.

Wearing a Ariane Mariane – art textile / Paris felt scarf or snood means confort and high pleasure. Felt is a awesome natural material, lightweight and smooth, it’s also isotherm. Felted scarves and snoods keep you warm in and outdoor. Once tried you won’t take it of again!

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