Fiber Paintings

Fiber paintings by Ariane Mariane are stunning textile collages with a joyful spirit. Scraps of partially handpainted fabrics are applicated and free motions stitched on handcrafted felt backgrounds.

Fiber paintings – embroidered mixed media felt art

These original fiber paintings from Ariane Mariane art textile/ Paris fiber are awesome for decoration purposes. Felt purifies air and this way you’ll enjoy the colorful art work and improuve the quality of your home at the same time.

Each art work is unique. Some are reversible and perfect for free hanging installations or in front of a window.

Each fiber painting is made from handcrafted felt. Ariane Mariane composes her collages with scraps of fabrics, free motion stitching, paint, dyes and transferts. Some fabrics are hand dyed or painted others are commercial and recycled ones.

Textiles and especially felt allows to create deepness, reliefs and texture a normal painting can’t achieve and as most of the textiles employed are from natural fibers, these paintings are also sustainable and healthy.

Enjoy art!

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