Felt jewelry

To refine a look nothing better than Ariane Mariane jewelry – textile art / Paris. These contemporary, quirky and highly artistic jewels are mini works of textile art that give daily fishing.

Worked like sculptures, the necklaces and bracelets in felted wool bring art into everyday life. Be unique, be original and have fun!

Each piece is different and unique made with love and know-how in the Ariane Mariane workshop – textile art / Paris.

Sculptural Felt Bracelets

Awesome sculptures for you wrist, Ariane Mariane’s felt & embroidery bracelets spicesup any kind of outfit. When not worn they are cute sculptures to be exposed in your home decor.

Textile jewelry felt necklaces

Textile jewelry felt necklaces by Ariane Mariane – art textile / Paris is handcrafted felt art with original free motion stitching.

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