Felt Art Bags

Ariane Mariane – art textile/Paris art bags awesome wearable art accessories. These sculptures are made for outstanding women who love to stand out of the crowd and want to spread art in everyday life.

OOAK sculptural fiber art bags with embroidery

Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris bags are fiber art sculptures made to brighten up everyday life.

As wearable art accessories, they are as beautiful as practical. Ultra-light weight they are very comfortable for carrying all a woman needs in everyday life. Even the smallest bags are designed to carry keys & wallet & cell phone & … of course … the ultra-magic lipstick.

Originality goes with ecology

All sculptural art bags are created from finest merino wool fibers. Wool is a natural and renewable product. The fibers are dyed by professionals who respect the oekostandard 100 standards.

Entirely handcrafted by wet felting, the artist only needs a little bit of hot water to turn wool fibers into an artistic felt work. The main energies is humain labor. It takes hours to transform fibers into wool by rubbing them manually. But this als allow to transfer good vibes and energies into the art work.

The material and form are shaped at the same time. No glue nor sewing is used.

The only machine the artiste employs is a sewing machine for embellishing the felted surfaces. Free-motion embroidery enhances the material and raises the surface. It adds this magnificent texture and relief to the bag-sculptures.

Outstanding examples of contemporary textile art

Ariane Mariane bags – textile art / Paris are unique and one of a kind. Each creation is an example of contemporary textile & fiber art. Each bag is signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Be inspired and inspire your surroundings with highly artistic accessories made with love and know-how in Paris.

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