Si toute vie va inévitablement vers sa fin, nous devons durant la nôtre, la colorier avec nos couleurs d'amour et d'espoir»
(Marc Chagal)


Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris offers unique textile art and felt creations to stop boring fashion and stereotyped uniformity. Discover felted art work and high class textile art with a fancy spirit. Our creations are meant to spread art in everyday life.

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Ariane Mariane est adhérente des Ateliers d'art de France (AAF). Ses créations portent le label AAF garantissant une fabrication made in France.

Ariane Mariane – art textile / Paris is based in 78260 Achères (western suburbs of Paris). The studio is labeled Ateliers d’Art de France. This label is given to art artisans creating in France offering originality and highest quality. All our art work is handcrafted entirely by hand in our art studio.  Each art work is signed or / and  comes with a certifciation of authenticity. With our signature we guarantee  100% satisfaction! 

Felt & Art Textile Creations

Unique and original, Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris offers an alternative to stereotypical uniformity and boring mass production. The artiste’s designer clothes, felted accessories, contemporary textile jewelries, fancy sculptures and outstanding textile paintings are always one of a kind. All work is infused with a “joie de vivre “and highly artistic.

Creative, with a joyful mind and an independent spirit, Ariane Mariane propose to color our lives and to introduce art into our daily lives. Like William Morris, she is persuaded that we should surround our self with beauty:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

( William Morris)

All creations Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris are created on a base of handcrafted felt or nuno felt which is made in the art studio by using ancestral techniques.

The artist adorns this handcrafted felt with different textile art techniques. Formed in graphic designer Ariane Mariane designs her own pattern and paintings often assisted by a computer. These images are printed in an artisanal way on fabrics. Ariane Mariane also dyes felt and fabrics and more often than never paints fabrics or felted creations in mixed media techniques.

At the end each art work is embellished by free-motion embroidery. Embroidery adds textures and details to the pictorial surfaces the artiste creates.


In this portfolios you find the best projects since the beginning of Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris in 2008.


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Des créations feutre art textile disponibles se trouve dans la boutique en ligne Ariane Mariane.