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Are you jonesing for a one-of-a-kind outfit, contemporary textile jewelry, sculptural head gear and original handbags? There is one must-see site on the net: Ariane Mariane -Textile Art / Paris!

In the online boutique  Ariane Mariane – Textile Art / Paris you will find Wearable Art, contemporary textile jewelry, sculptural FELT HATS and original hand bags.

Enter into a magical world of originality, a joyful extravaganza:

At Ariane Mariane – Textile Art / Paris, the ART VESTS, or pictorial vests, are veritable textile paintings. Reversible and transformable into a bolero, you can wear one in four different ways to have four different styles.

The highly Pictoral Dresses combining painting and sculptural traits, can be worn inside and out. The design on each surface is so completely different, it’s hard to believe it’s the same dress!
Want a change?
All you have to do is turn your Ariane Mariane 2 in 1 creation inside out and voilà! Piece of cake! And for my British followers “and Bob’s your uncle!”

Une robe créateur très sculptural avec pleins de possibilités de le draper. Pièce unique d'Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris
Robe sculptural en laine feutrée et broderie. Vêtement créateur réversible Ariane Mariane - art textile/ Paris

The Sculptural FELT HATS made by Ariane Mariane are instantly recognizable: extravagant, harmonious forms, joyful colors and innovated textures. Warm and comfortable, these unique headdress sculptures transform a typical, grey day into a fantastic one! These FELT HATS will tap into your inner enchantress.

Chapeaux de magicienne par Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris
Enchanting FELT HATS by Ariane Mariane – Art Textile / Paris

Practical and original, Ariane Mariane’s SCULPTURAL HANDBAGS, in a click of a key, will accessorize your outfit. Light and comfortable, they are the perfect size for carrying the essential: keys, wallet, cell phone and… of course… the magic (lip)stick.

light, practical and extraordinary, Ariane Mariane handbags will brighten up the dullest day.

The Ariane Mariane Shop is maintained directly from the art studio. Updated practically daily, it’s the perfect site to see the latest creations coming out of our workshop. At any time of day, you can relax in front of your computer screen and still be the first to choose a magnificent pictorial vest, a 2 in 1 dress, an enchanting hat or original, unique handbag!

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Les sac Ariane Mariane , légers, pratique et extraordinaires
Légers, pratique et extraordinaire les sac Ariane Mariane égaient le quotidien!

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