Chapeaux feutres création artisanat d'art

Enchanting FELT HATS

The Sculptural FELT HATS made by Ariane Mariane are instantly recognizable: extravagant, harmonious forms, joyful colors and innovated textures. Warm and comfortable, these unique headdress sculptures transform a typical, grey day into a fantastic one!

These FELT HATS will tap into your inner enchantress.

Thought and worked like sculptures, Ariane Mariane – textile art / Paris felt hats are beautiful from every angle. Extravagant shapes, amazing textures and playful details make each headdress outstanding.

Made with love for free-spirits, sculptural hats spread fun. Each one is an example, illustrating that art can be fun and fashion.

Turn it around and see how the shape is changing and how the look is transformed.

Felt hats are very important in Ariane Mariane work. Without her huge love for hats she probably wouldn’t have become a fiber artist. Back in 2004 the passionate collector of original headdresses, wanted to create a hat that met her wishes: spectacular but yet wearable in every day life. She wanted a joyful, warm and comfortable hat. A magical hat that brighten up the gloomiest day of winter.

By studying millinery and headdress techniques  Ariane Mariane discovered the ancestral technique of wet felting. With passion and a lot of patience she started learning a craft allowing her to create from some wool fibers seamless felt sculptures.

Bitten by the passion for fiber arts, the trained architect and freelance textile designer switch life to become a felt & textile artiste.

Find more information and images illustrating her approach and  techniques in her “Artist Statement”.