Stage feutre 2018 - expérimentation textile

Textile Experimentation Workshop Ariane Mariane

It was blast! Four funky fiber ladies had a lot of fun doing the "Mixed Media Textile art workshop" and I'm very proud of their marvelous work!  In this "Mixed Media class" all students  were artistes. They had met in my art vest classe  two of years earlier. As it was huge fun and the… Read More
Articles sur les propriétés étonnantes du feutre de laine

Felt – an extraordinary man-made textile

  What is felt? Artisanal felt, or nonindustrial wool felt, is a man-made textile created from loosen wool fibers. By rubbing wool fibers with hot water they fuse together into a non-woven nor knitted material. As a 100% natural product, felt has excellent properties: it offers sound & thermal insulation and it is water repellent,… Read More

Care instructions for wool and nuno felt wearable art 

Ariane Mariane – art textile / Paris wearable art garments and accessories in wool and nuno felt are very high quality and therefore very easy to care of. First of all:  Wool doesn’t smut easily due to a natural wool fiber protection. Most of the time dirt stains can be peeled of dry. Often it’s by… Read More

Going deeper into Black and White

Black art vest with blueish gray floral design and 3D fabric effects Comme mentionné déjà lors d’un autre article, mon défi pour 2016 est de faire une série de travail en Noir&Blanc. Voici mon dernier gilet d’art - réversible et transformable, comme d'habitude.    Il sera exposé dans une galerie à Paris du 23 au… Read More

The price to pay

The price to pay for a unique creation made in France today I meet many students and crafters at workshops and exhibitions who dream about turning their passion into a business. I also often come across people, at fairs and on the internet, who are astonished at the prices that I ask for my one-of-a-kind… Read More

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