Ariane Mariane – textile art Paris 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ariane Mariane creations – textile art / Paris are made with love and know-how in our independent art studio, located in wester Paris.

Proud of our quality and design we sign each unique piece and / or accompany it with a certificate of authenticity. Our designer clothes and accessories, textile jewelry, sculptures and textile paintings are made to enlighten your everyday life! We hope to spread fun and pleasure with our ooak felt and textile art creations. Your satisfaction is of highest importance for us and it’s guaranteed!
Making a purchase at Ariane Mariane is safe!  Without any discussion we accept all returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase, no matter if you buy during an exhibitions or online

How it works

Online purchase:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just return  us the creation and we will immediately refund the item price.

If you wish to replace your purchase with another item from our collection, we offer you the shipping costs for it.

Your purchases in our art studio or in an exhibition / art fair :

You have the right to change your mind! You have 15 days to return your purchase, get an exchange or a refund!

Together let’s  color everyday life with original art to wear!

Learn more about our philosophy, our artistic approaches, our ideas and techniques in our blog. 

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